What I’m interested in are the vulnerabilities. The scum on my teeth and the contraption you put on your arm to strengthen the bone. What I’m interested in is people who have been hurt- and where that takes them. I’m also fascinated by those who seem to never feel hurt.

I’m interested in the bit of blood that is wiped off with the ink when getting a tattoo, and the feeling of gravel on tender bare feet. I’m interested in phobias, and how people continue to exist in the world with demons.

I remember being very quiet- but not necessarily worrying about fitting in at that point in life. My memory is standing outside at recess, when a little girl with black hair in a pink dress grabbed my hand and pulled me forward.

“We’re going to be best friends,” she said while directing me to get onto a plastic dinosaur. When we moved away a year later I cried and cired over this new best friend, sure I would never find another. I’ve spent my life trying to become the girl who grabs others by the hand.

I want to know peoples’ secrets. I want to write freely and own my words; not feeling threatened or misunderstood by others. I want to figure out the root of tension headaches and heartburn. I want to know what you think about when you drink too much, or when you walk the run way to get onto a plane.

I want to see the concoction you create to eat away the self doubt. I want to know how you burn away only the extra. I want to know if you even should.

Do you know how to find pressure points on your own body?

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe — http://eepurl.com/cZoiG9

midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe — http://eepurl.com/cZoiG9