Utah and Colorado Dreaming

As I settle into my new home in Kansas City, I’m reflecting on all that has happened this summer, including traveling West with a couple Carpenters. The plan was to meet Carp’s cousin Colin at the Denver airport, and then continue driving West with vague plans. In between all of that, Carp and I were transporting a rabbit from Syracuse to Kansas City. Project rabbit was a success, and soon we were headed through Western Kansas.

On our way through Kansas, we stopped in Salina and reunited with my friend Lynda and her new baby.

We also had beer in Hays, Kansas- one of the only places in the US where people don’t ask me to repeat my last name. Finally, we made it to Colorado before the sun even began setting, and had a nice first night of camping.

The next morning we woke up and made coffee, then hit the road for Denver. In Denver, we met up with my friend Debolina from college, and hiked Red Rocks for the day.

That evening Deb and I hung at a pizza bar (Fay Sully’s- $5 for a slice of amazing pizza as big as my head and a beer) while Carp picked up Colin from the airport. We all slept in Deb’s studio apartment that night, and then went to the pizza bar again for biscuits and gravy the next morning. That day was full of a lot of driving, and I mostly slept through it in the back seat while Carp and Colin caught up. We arrived in Moab, Utah around evening time, and took a recommendation from a friend for a canyon water ways hike that was amazing.

The next day, with mounting dehydration headaches, full of mosquito bites and the beginnings of sun burn, we made our way to Arches National Park and hiked “Windows” trail via the rugged route (which turned out not to really be a route, but more a “scale the boulders” type of thing. Which we did, only after a small child grappled up the boulders before us, challenging us on.

We camped on the river trail right outside of Moab that evening, and went to town to cool off with some nice Mormon 3.2% draft beer (the legal limit for draft beer in Utah). It turned out that Moab was closing early that night, our waiter informed us. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) was in town, and most workers were scared to leave their homes. We said, damn. Solidarity to your friends. Are there any protests against it? Another waitress walked over:

“No. And if there were, ICE wouldn’t care.”

Sobering. We sat under the outdoor mister of the restaurant, and considered our privilege while finishing our beers.

Our last day in Moab we had amazing food truck quesadillas, and met up with my old friend Robbie from Sunflower House Coop in Lawrence. We then got back in the car, and headed east again, back the way we had come. We made a quick detour through Georgetown, Colorado.

That night we rolled into Denver, and Colin met up with his friends while Ben and I attended a protest outside of the Aurora dentention center (view it here). We stayed at a hotel that night for the second official shower of the trip, and woke up the next morning and had more biscuits and gravy at a cafe in town, and then wandered around exploring breweries and murals the rest of the day. We ended the day at the pizza/biscuit bar one more time (it was that good) and then said goodbye to Colin and drove him to the airport.

Colin, thanks so much for joining us!!

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