The Move/Reflecting on Syracuse Love

A few weeks ago we packed our home into a uhaul and headed for Kansas City. Francis our cat had a hard time, and was drooling for most of the ride. He also expressed his disdain for camping that first evening.

But we made it to Kansas City, and even had friends to help us move all of our things in!

That being said, we very much miss our beautiful Syracuse friends.

Julie, our fellow BnR survivor and prison abolitionist:

Joe, our stand up comedian librarian friend:

Jordan, our cat Tix and rapid response team leader:

And KT, my magic moment friend, and unabashed streaker:

Many thanks to all of the other amazing activists I met including Kayla, Fabiola, Rahzie, Nikeeta, Ursula, Coran, and many more….

And also all that I learned from the cooperative the first year. For all the headaches and patriarchal assholes who were “unable” to recognize their own privilege, it was still a formative experience in being surrounded by people who called themselves anarchists. And a reminder that sometimes you just have to say “fuck off.”

Thank you to all of the amazing activist organizations I got to be a part of. The local #MeToo movement which took the activist community by storm and split the community in two for the rest of my time in the city. And my path to libraries paved by Onondaga Public Libraries.

So long ‘Cuse, you’ve been what we needed at the time. You gave us hell and hallelujah. We will be back. But for now…

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe —