Summer on the Road

Carp and I had a hellish drive from New York to Kentucky- particularly because of the existence of Ohio. Every time we pass through Ohio we seem to get lost in a wormhole of endless construction and traffic- to the point of humor if it wasn’t so infuriating. Regardless- we made it to Kentucky somehow- and reunited with my family. My brother was graduating from graduate school- and my parents and grandparents had driven up from Kansas to congratulate him with us.

We had a good three days together- my family getting and Air BnB to stay in- which was a complete success except for the raccoon living in the ceiling above us.

We got to meet my brother’s girlfriend’s family, which was cool. I also got to cuddle with Kate’s little dog, Nala.

One day we got slightly publicly intoxicated, and I proposed to Carp with a tampon wrapper. He said yes!

Traveling anywhere inspires a sense of peace in me. It’s as if my anxiety is quelled for a bit while everything is in chaos. There is too much for me to focus on, so I just let life wash over me a bit more than I do when I’m in one place.

My parents and grandparents left a day earlier than Carp and me, so we got to spend another night with Ben and Kate and beer and breakfast in the morning.

The next day we left bright and early- snagged some Panera Bread for lunch in St. Louis as is our tradition, and then on a whim remembered to text our friend Clint in Colombia, Missouri. We ended up meeting him for a “coffee,” which turned out to be a few beers followed by a night of drinking at his cooperative. We met his roommates- one of who was a cardiac nurse who explained to me what her job entailed at the dinner table by using a mint leaf and all the Sriracha bottles on table. We also spoke with a neurobiological PhD candidate who was also an electric engineer. He was working on ushering in the future of brain science.

A little hungover, we made it to Kansas City the next day and reunited with my family. We found our friend Tony who was passing through from Minneapolis to Colombia, like the vagabonds we all are.

“Wake up to find you are the eyes of the world.”

To be continued…

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist

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