Pandemic Week 6/7…?

4/18/20: Day 26 Shelter in Place

Definitely beginning to lose motivation to get things done quickly as this drags on, and times seems to expand.

4/19/20: Day 27 Shelter in Place

4/20/20:Day 28 Shelter in Place

Gretel jumped onto my lap today with Francis! Huge strides for a cat who was feral, and was potentially never going to approach us!

4/23/20: Day 29 Shelter in Place

Francis needs to go to the vet! He’s got a pussy eye.

4/21/20: Day 29 Shelter in Place

The state of Missouri, which has taken almost no precautions during COVID19 except cutting state funding to targets like higher education, is now “suing China”.

4/22/20: Day 30 Shelter in Place

4/23/20: Day 31 Shelter in Place

Got a letter from the president, just making sure I knew that the stimulus check came from Him.

4/24/20: Day 32 Shelter in Place

Caught up with friends from Syracuse.

4/25/20: Day 33 Shelter in Place

Took Francis to the vet, and he checked out good with the eye issue (just allergies), but he has been ordered to go on a diet. He is not happy.

The vet is located in a really rich and vibrant mostly white neighborhood in Kansas City, while just across the Troost line there is a lot of urban decay and lack of community structures, a predominately Black community. It makes me upset. If you need evidence racism is still absolutely alive in this country, look no further than your own city.

Driving down Troost on my way home, pass a white man with a walker who has fallen in the middle of the road. Two other cars stop, and one person on a bicycle. They are all black. We all try to figure out what to do, and they help him up. Would three white people have done that for a black person? I sure fucking hope so. Thank you, people on Troost today. X

4/26/20: Day 34 Shelter in Place

Went for a hike during the day, and then had a small campfire in a neighbors backyard in the evening. We brought toilet paper (a hot commodity) and beer (also hot).

4/27/20: Day 35 Shelter in Place

Missing privacy. #QuaratineCouplesStruggles

4/28/20: Day 36 Shelter in Place

Rainy day. Hard to motivate self to finish this blog post. Hard to motivate self to do anything but read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows/ The Children of Blood and Bone.

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