Pandemic: Week 5


Day 18 Shelter in Place

If this blog is getting a little boring with nothing but screen time and reading time, well, what do you think the world is feeling sitting at home right now?

4 work zoom meetings and 1 activist zoom meeting later… my eyes hurt from screen time and it’s time for a, I think, deserved beer. X

“Start small, and build at the speed of trust.”


Day 19 Shelter in Place

Weekly family call. Then caught up with friends from Syracuse, and then attended a weekly activist meeting with KC tenants.


Day 20 Shelter in Place

Easter family reunion. Grandpa had a beer and a tie on.

4/13/20: Day 21 Shelter in Place

Reading. Cabin Fever panic for a little bit. Then we went out to play catch with our new quarantine baseball mitts. Then back to reading.

4/14/20: Day 22 Shelter in Place

The US currently has 20% of the COVID19 deaths in the world, but only 4% of the population. We have to ask ourselves why, as the country who spends the most on health in the world?

4/15/20: Day 23 Shelter in Place

Reading, tea and cats. COVID-19 stimulus check.

4/16/20: Day 24 Shelter in Place

Attended first virtual film screening via zoom.

22 million unemployed in the US today.

Got an indoor “jazzminton” set (similar to badminton) for playing inside on rainy days like today. Thanks Amazon recommendations. Also got tennis balls and a volleyball on the way.

4/17/20: Day 25 Shelter in Place

“You are not ‘working from home’, you are ‘at your home, during a crisis, trying to work.”

Carp and I realized yesterday that this isn’t just going to be a weird thing that happened in 2020. We are realizing that it may shape the world’s entire future.

Photo Credit: Ilya Milstein

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