Pandemic Week 4

COVID19 in Kansas City

Annie Windholz
4 min readApr 10, 2020


Friday 4/3/20

Day 11: Shelter in Place

Got the only hydrogen peroxide left in the store, shoved out of sight at the back of the shelf. There was a dramatic increase in masks at my store on the east side, that wasn’t worried about wearing masks as of last week.

The governor of Missouri just made huge budget cuts in light of COVID19, with it impacting higher education most. Just got an email from the community college I work at that we might be furloughed in the near future… what does furlough mean again?

Religious services and gun shops still essential services in Missouri though.

First COVID19 birthday party! For Carp’s mom. : )

Saturday 4/4/20

Day 12: Shelter in Place

Met for the new weekly family meeting via Zoom, and Nala got to preview her new headwear.

Today we actually ran out of TP, heading to try and find some somewhere…

Unable to find any!!!

We ended the night with a virtual game night with friends through the platform and our smartphones.

Sunday 4/5/20

Day 13: Shelter in Place

We went on a great hike today around the KCK lake, got pupusas from a local restaurant, and played catch. This evening we went over to our neighbors for a “socially distant” bonfire.

Monday 4/6/20

Day 14: Shelter in Place

The CDC has recommended all Americans wear masks in public from now on. Our president has declined the recommendation.

Our friend Sammy dropped some emergency toilet paper by our place! We did not prepare for this. 9,000 Americans have died already from this (3 times as bad as 9/11 already).

Tuesday 4/7/20

Day 15: Shelter in Place

Half way through the initial 30 day shelter in place set by the mayor of Kansas City. The virus is disproportionately impacting people of color in the country. In Chicago the virus is killing Black residents six times more than it is killing white residents. Environmental and medical racism is at play.

I noticed this change at the grocery store yesterday. All of the white people (myself included) were not wearing masks, while all of the people of color had started wearing masks.

Had a zoom reunion with my AmeriCorps friends from California… my S3 ladies.

Wednesday 4/8/20

Day 16: Shelter in Place

Self care day. Good day. Beautiful sunshine.

Thursday 4/9/20

Day 17: Shelter in Place

Laundry list of webinars today, and then zoom meetings all evening! Who says quarantine can’t be more social than real life?

Trump is treating this medical crisis as a PR crisis, and is probably going to blame health care industries for not backing his miracle drugs he keeps touting.

In line with the “Great Depression”, people are starting to call this the “Great Lockdown”.

Attended my first “virtual rally”. It was with KC tenants, and tenants across Missouri. Hundreds of people joined! There were “zoombombers” unfortunately though, and racist comments from local trolls.

Friday 4/10/20

Day 18: Shelter in Place

Went shopping to stock up for the month, as I don’t want to keep going out and exposing people to me. At the Chinese mart today, an Asian American man packed my groceries carefully, and then handed them to me personally in a box, looking straight into my eyes, past his facemask. I said thank you, and imagined all of the spit particles coming out of my mouth as I said so. He is a beautiful person, and I need to wear a mask to protect others. No matter how embarrassing I find it.

The COVID19 will pass at some point, the OCD will still remain long after it’s gone. I don’t want to open the can of worms of my own OCD brain, but I also maybe need to be a little more careful for society’s sake? It’s a weird time.