Cooperative Living: Week 10

Ongoing Journey of Living in an Activist Anarchist Community

Wednesday I finished my grant writing class and wrote a blog post about the content (read Grant Writing at a Glance) and then I panicked about not having looked for a paying job while in Syracuse. Thursday was a day spent organizing: I learned how to be a media point person (media advisories, press releases, etc.) for coming event I am helping to plan, I attended a working Editor’s meeting for the Peace Council Newsletter (of which I am writing the editorial for this month!), and then I attended a poster making party for the upcoming event I’m helping to organize. One of the signs I made included a long list of all the places in the US that made the switch to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus day. I proudly highlighted Lawrence, KS- my college town.

I got a few books read this week (see Undocumented and “They Can’t Kill Us All” book reviews), but overall it was a stressful week. Money is becoming a more prominent focus on my mind as I realize I can’t keep writing and reading full time as I have been for much longer. I want to be focused on protests and revolution and learning about the world- but it seems to be that I’m going to have to start serving coffee for a portion of my work week again.

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