Indigenous Peoples’ Day

“I saw the legacy of Standing Rock play out. This is not 1817, this is now, in 2017. [This violence] prevents us our own self determination and culture.

…The biggest issue for the federal government is that we [Indigenous people] are still here. As an American culture, we often silence Native peoples’ beliefs and existence past the idea of Thanksgiving.”

“It was hard to see the Indian in myself growing up when everything around me said that Indians are dead.”

“Tell me. If people wanted to go to go to Jerusalem and destroy the sacred sites, would you let them? When people came to pollute the Onondaga lake, you let them.”

“It’s not just Indigenous peoples’ rights we’re talking about, but also the end of the fuel industry. It’s not just Black Lives Matter, but also gender equality...

The vision for the future doesn’t pretend everyone has the same experiences, but sees the links between all experiences.”

“One of us doesn’t have the answer. But all of us together can find an answer through forgiveness.”



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