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I don’t know Johnny Depp, and neither do you

Why is the Left being so quiet on this public case, in the supposed era of #MeToo?

  1. Men can be the victim/ survivor of domestic violence
  2. However, when there is a man and a woman involved in a domestic violence case, it is overwhelmingly usually the man that holds power in the relationship, due to many factors (our patriarchal society being one of them)
  3. To outside observers, it can be really difficult to tell who is the abuser and who is the victim. The “perfect victim” is a toxic idea that glorifies victims that don’t fight back. It is very common for victims to fight back in a domestic violence situation, but this doesn’t mean they are anywhere near being the abuser in the situation. Take a look at the Gaby Petito case from last summer, when much of the public took Brian’s side because of his “calm demeanor” and her “history of mental illness.” Sounds exactly like what we are seeing in court with Depp/ Heard. Spoiler alert, he was controlling and abusive and killed her.
  4. Speaking on mental illness, we are getting better at it, but still have so much stigma around the topic. It can be an especially easy way for our misogynistic society to discredit women, and there is a long history of this. I find it telling in the Heard/Depp case that Depp is using talking about his “demons” and coping with drugs to humanize himself, while Heard’s mental health is used to portray her as an untrustworthy witness.
  5. I get that people love Johnny Depp, I loved his acting in movies as well. However, just because you love someone doesn’t mean that they are not fucked up. Let’s add a little more nuance to the conversation. And maybe take a domestic violence course at your local DV shelter.
  6. Why are domestic violence organizations/ the progressive left not speaking up on this? I’m mad that I had to write this, because I generally try to avoid celebrity news at all costs. However, I feel like the conversation is getting out of hand in the public arena, and we need those with experience in domestic violence experiences to weigh in.



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