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Citizen of the internet age, and everything has changed.

Some still say fighting injustice is a losing battle

But citizens of the internet age needed to


as they figured out msn messenger

@GiggleGirl123, and years later


Leads to a Mississippi prison abolition conference

with lonely hotel rooms and people craving to physically bond

full circle;

Five bullet holes in the public library when you return to work Monday morning

Five bullet holes and gaslighting by other women

“you’re not tough enough”

“You don’t make sense”

“you are not alone at night, you are protected by men with guns”,

— leering at you in their security guard costumes

watching the way you move


weapons enforce the fear. The system.

Leering contrasted by the man who gives you a hug

pulling out his detox paperwork, says

You saved his life.

You can’t accept that credit, but you do because he wants you to have it.

Trying to grab some heroin late on a Sunday night in the dead of winter

We all have access to The Weapons

us, Citizens of the internet age

observing stray bullets flying

Into the public domain of knowledge

Shattered glass, books that remain unphased on the shelves.

no one is looking at them when there is shattered glass in the carpet.

No one is looking at the people spending a lifetime in a physical 5 x 5 space, sleeping next to their toilet that doesn’t work

because they were looking for heroin on a Sunday night in the winter

People become books

Containers of knowledge the public isn’t reading.

Sitting alone while “”“action””” happens on the outside.

Pain is a panacea for rebuttals

the people isolated in cells

Without internet

Hear whispers of this while


……….Dusty books

Focus goes to the shattered glass, saying,

Make headlines.

((Staying up all night to finish knitting a blanket

A blanket large enough to cover the 5 x 5 space))


Photo: “Eastern States Penitentiary- Looking Thru The Door” by Bob Jagendorf is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe —

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