Halloween, Headaches, Homework and Fleas

I had the worst headache today- actually, I’ve been getting headaches more often lately. I’ve realized that my headaches definitely have a connection to allergies- and probably always have been. Add stress onto that, and it’s a recipe for a knocked out day. And when school work is piling up and work is carrying on, you can’t really deal with knocked out days. So I’m taking an afternoon of self care (along with homework on the side- but don’t tell anyone).

My headache was so bad this morning I couldn’t go to work, so I sat at home and laid on the bed trying to wish the headache away. Then I took a long hot shower, which helped loosen my sinuses up a bit. Then I pulled a few fleas off my cat with our handy new flea comb. And now I’m about to grab my third cup of coffee, and try to finish my class lectures for the day.

This past weekend one of our friends mentioned they saw bugs on our cat, Francis. We were like, nah. We’ve never seen bugs. A few days later we inspect him a little closer, and turns out he definitely does. We find out later that apparently the neighbor’s cat upstairs just got treated for fleas last week, and it looks like some of them found France. We just hope not too many of them.

Over the past 6 hours I have pulled out 6 fleas; about a flea an hour.

Carp and I are both stressed with school and work, and really fleas is not the biggest deal- just mostly annoying and a bit disturbing. It definitely makes cuddling with your cat a little different when you are conscious of cuddling a colony as well.

Tonight is Halloween, and we’ve planned on having friends over on this night all month. Well, our friends mostly set it up, we are just providing the space. But it’s a rough week to host a party- a few days ago our bedroom was raining water from the upstairs neighbor’s bathroom sink. We have been displaced from our bedroom onto the living room floor, and recklessly sleeping next to a cat litter box.

“But who HASN’T slept next to a litter box?” Carp encourages me.

Our car’s starter also kicked out yesterday.

Just feeling kind of helpless. Which sucks, because I was feeling really powerful for the majority of the month. I just want things to not be exciting for awhile. I want my life to be slightly mundane for more than a hot minute.

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe — http://eepurl.com/cZoiG9

midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe — http://eepurl.com/cZoiG9