Fayetteville, Arkansas Detour

The first night we were in town we met up with Carp’s old friend from college and went to a dive bar, poked around some food trucks, discussed Wal-mart and Tyson Chicken’s reign over the region and learned the sobering fact that the city is built along the Trail of Tears.

The next morning I had coffee with my friend Laura from undergrad who I had not seen in 6 years. We had a lot to catch up on, and a lot in common in regards to worldview. It was pretty great. We met at a little cafe where the bartender was figuring out what to do with an excess of honey mead.

Later that day we joined Carp’s friends at a cat cafe, apparently Fayetteville has a feral cat issue. But they’re cute as hell.

And then a bird bookstore!

Coffee and beer later.

And then Thai food and an engagement party on top of an Ozark mountain (or hill, whatever you want to call it). I tapped out of the party pretty early and listened to introvert podcasts in my car (as you do).

The next day we attended a few writing workshops, and then headed back to our new home in Kansas City.

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe — http://eepurl.com/cZoiG9

midwestern librarian, writer, activist. subscribe — http://eepurl.com/cZoiG9