Divest from the War Machine

CODEPINK #DivestFromWar Summit in DC

“I’m sick and tired of having our companies inflicting so much suffering on people of the world and making a profit off of it,” Benjamin stated simply.

“When we talk about the state we understand state to be an instrument for a white supremacist, settler colonial capitalist system based on greed... So we’re clear about that,” Ajamu Baraka stated.

“Through international solidarity we can help to expose the lie that people are our enemies. They don’t want war, we don’t want war, what’s the problem? We can begin with that as a point to work from,” Martin explains.

In eyes of at least 3.5 billion people on the planet- the US is the greatest terrorist organization the world has ever seen. That’s 50% of the world. So you know why I speak out.”

“This may be the last presidency of the USA. I’m not sure if this country’s facade of democracy will last for much longer. Also, this president is not an imperialist, but an annihilationist. He is helping to commit capitalist planetary destruction, not just climate change,” Vijay Prashad said.

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