Summer on the Road Cont.

This blog post is long overdue, I know. But at least I’m writing it now!

Carp and I had a fantastic time in Kansas City this summer. We got to visit my grandparents and parents.

We also caught up with all the people we met while we were living in Kansas City for the past two years.

Including new people- like babies!

Beer in the sunshine- hallmark of the Midwest.

And silly bars in Westport, also a must.

At one point Carp thought he saw someone we used to know- and at that same moment she saw us. She ran up to us, slightly intoxicated, and was the first person to ever publicly sob to see us. #Love

We also got some good prison abolitionist talks in, and well as time with house cats.

For Mothers Day, my grandparents and parents hosted a breakfast, which was fab.

And then the next day my grandma and mom and aunt and I went to the Poor People’s Campaign in the Kansas capitol. Radical!

The next day Carp and I hit the road for Chicago, where we got to spend the evening with my beautiful friend Debolina, and eat classic Chicago deep dish pizza with beer.

We left for Rochester the next day, got garbage plates with Carp’s family and played with dogs and cats.

And now we’re back in Syracuse- working and hosting guests from around the world. It’s finally summer here, and things have picked up and slowed down as well. Here’s to the sunshine, and to travel and family.

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist

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