Cooperative Living: Week 9

Monday I did my weekly CIVIC volunteer hotline, and then later that evening I went to a meeting at the local immigrant rights group in town. I write about the work they do in my article title MILKED.

The rest of the week was pretty scattered. I decided to slow down a little bit with the events, because my online classes are now taking up a lot more of my time. Also, I have started to job search a lot more seriously. During the week I still found time to do work around the collective: watering the garden, planting radishes and lettuce, and staining wood for the floorboards we still have yet to lay in our house.

Saturday morning I went shopping for the collective at the coop down the street. My housemate and I were met by a routine chicken crossing on the way.

Later that day I attended a Lacrosse festival held on Onondaga Nation lands (read Haudenosaunee Confederacy Lacrosse Games).

Sunday morning was our house meeting, which lasted its usual three hours long. Carp made a beautiful banana bread and brought it to the meeting. The rest of the day I spent cooking chili with my housemate, as it was our turn to cook potluck for the week.

Another one of our housemates offered to help us decorate a cake for another housemate’s birthday, and soon he was making fondant with charcoal coloring, and getting fancy.

He even decorated the cake with red lentils to make carrot tops!

And made apple trees with little berries.

Final product:

We also invited our neighbors, and it turned out to be a huge success. There were upwards of 30 people packed into our house tonight, and it was cool to tell new people about our collective.

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