Cooperative Living: Week 8

On Monday morning I went to the transit station (see Under Cover with a Civil Rights Attorney). Later that evening I attended a lecture on the 2018 US military budget (see Military Intervention is Modern Day Colonialism).

Tuesday I joined a criminal justice task force in the city, which was celebrating it’s success at abolishing the practice of solitary confinement for minors in the county jails. The success was bittersweet though, because this relatively small victory in the face of the prison industrial complex that plagues our society took whole years of hard and focused work. The group is now looking toward what their next goals will be, and I am looking forward to joining them in this. Later that evening I went to a meeting in the community and learned about being a legal observer at protests, as well as became informed about disability liberation movements.

On Wednesday I relaxed a little bit. My car had broken down (after driving all over the country– I am not complaining!) so I had to get it towed to a repair shop. Later that night we met a prospective house mate who is applying to live at our collective, and we gave them a tour of the house.

Thursday my friend Diana flew into Syracuse, straight from Kansas City. Thursday night we hung out in Syracuse, then rented a car on Friday (read Two Midwesterners Explore the NorthEast).

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