Cooperative Living: Week 20

Monday I met with a new refugee women’s empowerment organization, to help them write grants. Later that night I went to a #metoo panel discussion at the local art gallery.

Tuesday I attended the local indigenous population’s ally group- trekking out into the snow. We have an hour less of sunlight up here than we do where I am from further south. Also, we have not seen the actual sun for weeks at least. I have gotten used to existing in a world with a white ground and white sky.

I am helping to launch a campaign to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day a reality in the city, and also perhaps helping to facilitate anti-racism trainings with the group.

Later we enjoyed the fire.

And ate sushi.

Wednesday I helped make food not bombs for the local homeless shelter. Then Thursday I met with a housemate to plan out writing a grant for our housing collective. The grant we are proposing is to make our house more accessible to people of all abilities by installing a ramp entrance.

Friday afternoon I had an editorial meeting with the Peace Newsletter team, where we mapped out the articles for the next issue. I will be writing an article about the “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” campaign for the city.

Saturday night I attended a community choir concert and tabled for work, and then we had our annual Solstice party later that evening. I made my new classic apple cinnamon scones, and also contributed to the “Dance Away Capitalism” playlist for the evening.

This party is a staple of the collective that I have joined, and so we had hundreds of people passing through our doors that night as we celebrate the darkest day of the year and the return of the sun.

Sunday I attended a coalition meeting in the community to wrap up 2017, and then we had our weekly potluck at our collective.

And Francis is still in our hearts and souls, even if he can’t live at our cooperative.

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist

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