Cooperative Living: Week 19

The activist/ artist fundraiser this past weekend was a success! I was in charge of media and social media for the weekend.

One of our housemates prepares food for a local homeless shelter through the activist program Food Not Bombs. I will join him in the next few weeks hopefully.

Monday night I went to a community discussion about poverty and racism in Syracuse. Syracuse was recently named the city with the highest concentration of poverty for black and brown people in the country.

Tuesday I worked, and then read by the fire in the evening with my housemates.

Friday night we interviewed someone who is interested in living at our collective. To admit a new member into our collective, we need 100% consensus from all existing members. We will later discuss our decision to admit the new member.

Saturday we held a card making party at our collective where we made cards for LGBTQ+ people in prison with other activists around the area.

Sunday we will have our monthly three hour house meeting, and then our weekly potluck.

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midwestern librarian, writer, activist

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