Cooperative Living: Week 17/18

Ongoing journey of living in an activist collective

Annie Windholz
3 min readNov 29, 2017

It’s been a busy past few weeks! The freelance writing has decreased a lot as I try to grow accustomed to my two new jobs– one of them shelving books at the public library, and the other one as an organizer for the local activist Peace movement. In addition to that I am trying to balance fitting in time to work on the two new online classes I’m taking- Internet Writing Markets and Research Methods for Writers.

Though I’m not creating as much content on my blog right now– I am still continuing to prep for that freelance journalist/ activist blogger life. And it’s cool that both of my jobs complement each other right now. I will spend all morning at the library reading the back cover of books, and realizing that all I want to do with my life is read and write. And then I will head over to my activist organizing job in the afternoon, and I will realize that I love people and rebellion and agitation and revolution is only possible with these interactions as well.

Last week we spent in Rochester with Carp’s family. It was a wonderful time, and we ate well, slept well, laughed a lot and were reunited with good people and our cat, Francis.

This Monday when we got back I hit the ground running with another full day of work with both jobs. After that I went to a black feminism lecture at the university with my roommates and soul sisters K and J, and then snagged two free beers and dinner provided by the posh private University.

Tuesday J, K and I attended the new Police Accountability community meeting I am a part of, and we strategized next steps.

Wednesday night we plan to have a co-op meeting about more internal trainings like conflict mediation and acknowledging power and privilege over others and continually learning to mitigate it (since we are supposedly a horizonal hierarchical collective).

Those collective co-op dishes though…

Thursday I’m attending an activist button making party at work in the evening.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will help set up and manage the fundraising event with 120 local artisans that I have been organizing for the past few weeks through my new organizing job.

I also created this traveling social media booth for it!

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