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Cooperative Living: Week 15

Ongoing journey of living at an activist collective

On Monday I started my first day of paid activism as an organizer for the Peace Council. Later that evening I attended a meeting with a new group that’s forming in the city surrounding the idea of police accountability and reform. After that I attended a potluck gathering of the people working on the Plowshares event that I will be helping to organize at my new job.

Tuesday was my second day on the job, and I started doing media outreach for the coming event. Later that evening I put on gloves and headed out to the airbase in town that partakes in drone warfare. We stood on the side of the highway to protest with signs. We got lots of middle fingers, lots of revving cars and one person who maybe thought about hitting us. I probably won’t go back, but I like the group of people and am involved with them in other anti-war actions.

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Thursday I worked and then went to a funder orientation for a local grant that I am writing. Later that evening I attended a Rapid Response training with a local immigrant rights group.

Friday we finally got snow! Worked at my new organizing job all day, and continued to learn. Making connections with different activist circles, and beginning to see the same people everywhere I go. It feels like we’re all making progress together.

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Saturday I cleaned up the garden with my housemate, did laundry (we’re still hanging our clothes to dry outside in the snow), and finished a few books.

Sunday we had our monthly house meeting, and I cooked dinner for the house for our weekly potluck. Spaghetti.

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