Breaking in the New Apartment (NCCC Reunion #2)

Friends from Montana, Minnesota and Missouri visit

Relaxing weekends? Hell no, we’re on a roll. Last weekend we had 5 friends from our time in California for AmeriCorps NCCC visit- they were all visiting from different locations, but happened to be passing through Kansas City the same day.

Friday night my old teammate Tony and his friend pulled into the city from Minnesota, and we hung out drinking free beer that Tony claims he found by a gas pump in rural Missouri. We were also joined by our neighbor friends C and L, and then we all went to our shared apartment patio and perhaps overwhelmed our neighbors with our energy.

The next morning we went to breakfast at a cute breakfast joint that I used to work at (read Hobos and Hashbrowns), and then toured the modern art section of the Nelson art museum. Around mid afternoon our other AmeriCorps NCCC pal Clint showed up with two buckets of peaches and his usual Missourian smile. We all headed to a unique local bar called The Ship in the Westbottoms, and hung out.

That evening Carp and I ran off for a bit to attend another friend’s housewarming party, and then came home to delicious pasta Clint and Tony had made. A few hours later Dave and his girlfriend showed up. Dave was also an AmeriCorps NCCC friend, and he was coming from Montana. They also brought along with them a dog, and a bearded dragon.

The next morning we had breakfast at home, and then headed to a delicious all you can eat Ethiopian buffet. Then we parted ways. Traveling friends are an important ingredient to a pleasantly surprising life. They also remind me in particular that more is possible than I think I can do.

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