America’s Race Conversation

A look into how Americans are peeking into the history and culture that creates us, that many have tried to continually ignore

The fact that the threat of white nationalistic terrorism has been how America has operated for hundreds of years does not mean that it has to continue the racist national policies of poverty and segregation.

“Not only in the US do we like to divide to conquer, but we also do this abroad. Every time we bomb another country we whip up hatred against who we’re bombing.

As a black man in America, I am always uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable everyday because this world is not built for me, it is built to assault me. I should be angry at that man that just yelled at me, but I have been trained to work harder, be better and settle with half the shit that other people get.

If we dehumanize white supremacists, we are no better than them. We will replicate the same system that oppresses us if we scapegoat white supremacists. We were all raised in this racist society. We must take responsibility for it within ourselves.”

“Kumbaya is not going to fix the problem right now. We have to really discuss these issues.”

Also, do you think you’re better than the South- that Charlottesville is the South’s problem- and racism is not a problem in the North as well?”

“I’m ready for something to happen. We’re losing our kids in the streets- the police literally come from the practice of slave patrols.

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