“A People’s History of the United States” (Book Review)

it is a history disrespectful of governments and respectful of people’s movements of resistance.”

He goes on to admit that this makes it a biased account of history. He is not troubled by that though, “because the mountain of history books under which we all stand leans so heavily in the other direction- so tremblingly respectful of states and statesmen and so disrespectful, by inattention, to people’s movements- that we need some counterforce to avoid being crushed into submission.”

the more important businesses, banks, law firms, foundations, and media, which constitute the private sector’s “Establishment,”

Zinn’s book brought up a lot of realities about why I am apathetic about the voting system in America. “We vote? What does that mean?” said Helen Keller in 1911. “Our modern fetish is universal suffrage,” Emma Goldman, anarchist feminist stated at the same time.

“The law cannot do it for us. We must do it for ourselves.Women in this country must become revolutionaries.

We must refuse to accept the old, traditional roles and stereotypes… We must replace the old, negative thoughts about our femininity with positive thoughts and positive action…” Shirley Chisholm, a black congresswoman in the 1970s said.

the size of his majority is almost- if not entirely- irrelevant to his ability to govern the county.

What counts then is his ability to mobilize support from leaders of key institutions in a society and government… This coalition must include key people in Congress, the executive branch, and the private-sector ‘Establishment.’”

then we must use our extraordinary human ingenuity to find nonmilitary solutions for world problems.“

“If democracy were to be given any meaning, if it were to go beyond the limits of capitalism and nationalism, this would not come- if history were any guide- from the top. It would come through citizens’ movements, educating, organizing, agitating, striking, boycotting, demonstrating, threatening those in power with disruption of the stability they needed.”



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