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Our Totally Biased and Hindsighted Ranking of Cities In Which We Spent No More Than 72 Hours This Summer

Photo by author

“Babe, we have 7 followers on A Cheap Trip!”

“Really? I don’t know who they are but god bless them.”

With our newfound “influence” we decided to compile a totally biased ranking of the cities we have visited thus far this summer. What follows is my viewpoint, and to view the trip through my partner’s eyes check out A Cheap Trip. There was a week where we saw different places (my partner Carp was in Alaska and I was in Southern California/ Mexico) but other than that we experienced all the same places.

This summer we traveled the South West…

Tahoe City, Elko, Salt Lake City and Bryce Canyon

Tahoe Lake, California: Photo by author

We spent a beautiful night camping right on Lake Tahoe, and bathed in it before leaving. After traveling for almost a month, we were on the last leg of this trip. Someone taped an aggressive “Learn How To Drive” note on our car, which didn’t give a good impression of the west coast to most of the east coasters I was traveling with.

San Francisco beach: Photo by author

Bachelor Party on the Road in California

After I dropped my friend Jess off at the airport in San Francisco, I picked up Ben’s brother and cousin from the airport. We drove straight to Half Moon Bay for drinks and lunch on the ocean.

Photo by author

Traveling up the California Coast with my friend

Jess and I had been raging against the patriarchy this morning, and how men need to do better. Similar to how as white people it’s our responsibility to hold ourselves and other white people accountable, the same goes for men. Men need to hold each other accountable and talk to each other.

Nude Beaches, Sea Lions and “This is 30”

Jess is one of my favorite people in the world, and I am so happy to be spending time with her in San Diego. It has ocean, mountains, Mexico, and desert all available for day trips.

We are so different, yet the same: Photo by author

We began the trip with some exciting job searching for Jess which might not be appropriate for this blog, and enjoyed brunch next to some trash cans.

Crystals and Camping in a Grand Canyon Park Ranger’s Yard

Grand Canyon: Photo by author

My brother and I traveled a lot together as kids thanks to our wonderful adventurous parents. However, we have not traveled together much as adults but we definitely should do more of it.

Sedona, AZ

On Wednesday we picked up my brother Ben and his fiance Kate from the Phoenix airport, and then drove two hours north to Sedona, AZ. None of us had ever been to Sedona before and didn’t really know what to expect, but had been recommended it multiple times by different people. Turns out it’s just as gorgeous, and rich, as you might expect.

Chihuahuan Desert, Delicious Food and Healing

Day 3 of our trip began in Albuquerque, grabbing an early brunch of green chili burritos at the classic Albuquerque Frontier restaurant. Honey comes with the meals in Albuquerque, to put on tortillas/sopapillas as a desert. Why would you need desert though when you have green chili?

Self doubt, self care and pushing past presumptions

The second night on the road we splurged for a hotel. Not a fancy hotel for sure, in fact a hotel at the intersection of two interstates with broken doors and a broken shower for $50 a night. But we needed a place to get a good sleep for the night, because we had hit a breaking point yesterday with lack of sleep, water and confidence.

Our hotel side entrance ABQ, NM: Photo by author

We turned 30 this year, are living through a global pandemic, and have held stable jobs for years. …

Traveling with a OCD, and why I keep coming back to the road

Calm before the storm. Literally. Meade: KS

Sometimes you start out a vacation with a relaxing evening, and sometimes you start out a big month long trip with a bird shitting directly in the pot of Mac ‘n Cheese you’re eating. And you don’t notice until you feel a second wet plop on the hand holding your spoon.

“A fucking bird has just shat on me. Oh my god… I think…” I say as I realize that the black stuff in my mac and cheese I’ve been eating is also shit.

There are barely any signs of birds around… what are the chances? Germs and toxins are…

Update on Books, Activism and Reflection

Organizing and Experimenting

I got to hear Mariame Kaba speak in person at the Abolition Conference in Mississippi a few years ago (Making and Unmaking of Mass Incarceration). I left that conference feeling frustrated that there was disagreement between abolitionists on the direction to go, but now that abolition has become a mainstream conversation after the George Floyd protests, I feel less tender about it and realize that it’s all in the experimentation. …

Annie Windholz

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