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North American colonialism hatched here, why wouldn’t it still exist here? Photo by author

Travel and Musings in Upstate New York

Minnesota Wandering after a Summer of Roadtripping

Lake Superior in Duluth, MN: Photo by author

Photo by author

River Float in the Missouri Ozarks

Our Totally Biased and Hindsighted Ranking of Cities In Which We Spent No More Than 72 Hours This Summer

Photo by author

Tahoe City, Elko, Salt Lake City and Bryce Canyon

Tahoe Lake, California: Photo by author

San Francisco beach: Photo by author

Bachelor Party on the Road in California

Photo by author

Traveling up the California Coast with my friend

Nude Beaches, Sea Lions and “This is 30”

We are so different, yet the same: Photo by author

Crystals and Camping in a Grand Canyon Park Ranger’s Yard

Grand Canyon: Photo by author

Chihuahuan Desert, Delicious Food and Healing

Annie Windholz

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