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midwestern librarian, writer, activist

A Burrito a Day Across America

10 am or 10 pm, it doesn’t matter. Burritos are available and the most filling and nutritious option on the road, especially for vegetarians.

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Coming in at number one, New Mexican burritos. I prefer the green chili, and when it’s able to be vegetarian.

Frontier Restaurant: Photo by author

But sometimes this…

Why Fish Don’t Exist, A Wrinkle in Time, Mr. Penumbra’s 24- Hour Bookstore

I’ve been in a bit of reading slump this summer, but for good reason. We were out traveling! I’m back to the apartment now, and getting some good reading done with cinnamon coffee and cooler weather.

I recently stumbled upon “Booktube,” a community of creators on youtube who review and…

North American colonialism hatched here, why wouldn’t it still exist here? Photo by author

Travel and Musings in Upstate New York

There are a lot of different reasons to travel. For me, travel has almost always been inspired by the desire to escape the clutches of mainstream society. It’s not just that I don’t feel like I fit in, it’s also that I don’t want to.

I’m reminded of this while…

Minnesota Wandering after a Summer of Roadtripping

Travel can entail finding yourself in a radical way where one is stripped bare, but it can also entail running from a part of yourself that you don’t want to be a part of you. …

Photo by author

River Float in the Missouri Ozarks

This weekend we ventured into Southeast Missouri to join our friends on an Ozark float trip. We like to think of ourselves as pretty experienced campers, but this trip gave us a run for our money.

Our Totally Biased and Hindsighted Ranking of Cities In Which We Spent No More Than 72 Hours This Summer

Photo by author

“Babe, we have 7 followers on A Cheap Trip!”

“Really? I don’t know who they are but god bless them.”

With our newfound “influence” we decided to compile a totally biased ranking of the cities we have visited thus far this summer. What follows is my viewpoint, and to view…

Tahoe City, Elko, Salt Lake City and Bryce Canyon

Tahoe Lake, California: Photo by author

We spent a beautiful night camping right on Lake Tahoe, and bathed in it before leaving. After traveling for almost a month, we were on the last leg of this trip. …

San Francisco beach: Photo by author

Bachelor Party on the Road in California

After I dropped my friend Jess off at the airport in San Francisco, I picked up Ben’s brother and cousin from the airport. We drove straight to Half Moon Bay for drinks and lunch on the ocean.

Photo by author

Traveling up the California Coast with my friend

Jess and I had been raging against the patriarchy this morning, and how men need to do better. Similar to how as white people it’s our responsibility to hold ourselves and other white people accountable, the same goes for men. …

Nude Beaches, Sea Lions and “This is 30”

Jess is one of my favorite people in the world, and I am so happy to be spending time with her in San Diego. It has ocean, mountains, Mexico, and desert all available for day trips.

We are so different, yet the same: Photo by author

We began the trip with some exciting job searching for Jess which might not…

Annie Windholz

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